Albedo Is Not Libido But Here's How They Are Related

  Albedo is not Libido, but here's how they are related. Libido is sexual energy as a component of the life instinct. And everybody knows, with sex, hot is good, but too hot, is not — like the 124 degrees Fahrenheit which hit in Algeria — procreation and recreation is not a priority when you're just trying to keep your own cellular cytoplasm from simmering. ALBEDO is your climate change vocabulary word for today. Albedo is a measure of reflectivity. It tells how much radiation from the sun is reflected back by a surface. A surface such as — a white polar ice cap, a dark ocean, a city, a desert, a rainforest, a thick white cloud, a thin cloud cover — can you guess which has high albedo? High albedo would mean it reflects more of the sun's energy away from the earth. As Antarctica has lost three trillion tons of ice over the last 25 years its decreased albedo means the smaller area of ice is reflecting back less solar radiation. And as it retreats, more dark blue ocean is exp

Film Discussion: "The Social Dilemma"

TODAY we're starting a discussion about this highly significant NETFLIX film "The Social Dilemma." If you don't have Netflix, you might join for a month just to see this one, plus the next one we'll be discussing. (That's about $15, so a good price for two movies!)  After we get some good discussion going on the blog, I'll schedule a zoom meeting to talk together as a group. For two weeks, we'll discuss  The Social Dilemma - - a documentary, but which uses actors to dramatize some scenes showing the effects of silicon valley policies on a family. It opens up the way Silicon Valley has shaped our society, with unplanned outcomes.  The two weeks after that, we'll cover  The Great Hack  -- a documentary directly addressing our campaign and voting issues -- about Cambridge Analytica and how they manipulated the 2016 election and the Brexit campaign. There is a LOT to talk about!  After you see one -- or even part of one of these -- please consider the

Next Climate Book Discussion Starts Saturday Sept 12, 2020 with Extreme Cities by Ashley Dawson

Extreme Cities by Ashley Dawson Cities could be the key to responding appropriately to the climate emergency.   Well organized and executed cities could provide a standard level of comfort and basic needs to everyone on the planet, while preserving the proper ratio of wilderness and cultivated land outside the cities.  Join us for an online book discussion by commenting here, as we read our way through this book together during the month of September. We'll comment here back at forth, as I post a thought question for each section of the book.  My posts go up each week Friday at midnight.   I invite your thoughts and comments. I also post short interviews with the author or  news items, links and articles which expand the experience of the book.  Our zoom discussion will be Friday Sept 25 and/or Saturday Sept 26. We'll take a scheduling poll so everyone will be able to attend if they wish. This book is so very well written, I am impressed. The author shows how cities could be t

Week 3 Friday July 24 Book Discussion pages 33-56 Facing The Climate Emergency by Margaret Klein Salamon

In this section we travel into the dark forest on our mythic psychological journey. But don't worry -- you are NOT alone!  What energy lifts us off the couch and onto that unknown path before us? The path which wends its way under those dark branches of anguish, sorrow, grief, and out of sight into who knows what consequences of -- feeling? I think what sets us on the hero's journey is the realization that our lives are being lived in illusion.. An illusion of safety, of continuity, of purpose, out of touch with the deeper reality that it is all built on something which is killing everything we care about.  Somewhere deep inside we seek to know truth, to live it. To embody the truth from our own experience. And to live the truth we acknowledge how we feel about Earth's climate situation. It's a pardox isn't it? Emotions which make us feel weak, physically weak and exhausted -- somehow transmute into a new source of power.  Did you experience the resistance I did, to

Week 2 Friday July 17 Book Discussion pages 13-32 Facing The Climate Emergency by Margaret Klein Salamon

This section is all about Climate Truth. What has been your journey to realizing these hard but very real truths about existence on Planet Earth at this moment in time?  I remember when I first became aware that fossil fuels -- which drive global warming -- are literally woven into the fabric of everything in my life, I walked around shell-shocked. I saw people going about their business as if everything was okay. I felt like a ghost from an alternate reality.  I remember seeing each home on my street churning out fossil fuel emissions. Then my mind zoomed out - to the view from an airplane -- miles and miles of houses just like this. All with no choice but to puff out emissions, just to stay cool, warm and lighted. And the enormity of the net we are caught within, overwhelmed me. How about you? What was your first recognition of "climate truth" like?  Another really powerful and unique element of this book is showing how the bystander effect shapes our response to the climat

Video links for Book Discussion Group with questions

Margaret Klein Salamon's 3 minute introduction to her book Facing the Climate Emergency Adam McKay and Margaret on the bigger picture of climate emergency David Wallace Wells (11 minutes) Thought Questions: Joseph Campbell wrote that the first step in The Hero's Journey was "the call to adventure." At that point the hero has a choice. To follow the call, to rise to the challenge, and plunge into the dark forest, a symbol of the unknown.  How do you respond to Margaret's call?  How does the Adam McKay video make you feel? Does it put the scale and size of the challenge into stark perspective?  David Wallace Wells speaks directly to 30-40 year olds. For they, you, are the ones who have grown up in a climate lifetime. For your entire lives, humans have poured more into the atmosphere than all the rest of human history together.  When did you become "climate woke." Did yo

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Hey, I've had some feedback that it's difficult to subscribe or post on this blog. #1.)  If you are copying and pasting a long post, you may need to divide it into several posts. There is evidently a character limit per post. (Which Google doesn't tell the blog owner.) # 2.) I removed any captcha requirements but people are still getting them when they try to subscribe and are finding them difficult to conquer. Please let me know. #3.) People have asked about privacy, since we are sharing heartfelt emotions. I started with it being private to only people who wanted to join and be in the book group, And only people who commented could read the comments.  But people were having such insurmountable obstacles getting in, that I removed every possible block to participation -- even vetting posts -- I will check once a day and remove anything inappropriate.  It is a public blog at this time. Even anonymous posters can post. Which irritates me, but those were the only two choices

News Flash! 15% discount on the book!

Hey everybody! The Climate Mobilization kindly arranged for you to get a 15% discount from New Society Publishers on your purchase of "Facing The Climate Emergency"  Email me at and I'll send you the discount CODE! 

Week 1 Friday July 10th Book Discussion pages xii to page 12 of Facing The Climate Emergency by Margaret Klein Salamon

Wow this book starts out with a bang! First my heart soared as I recognized in myself the answering echo to her call for us all to step up as heroes at this pivotal time in history. Then we get the bad news -- almost too much to bear - even though we knew it all already, it's hard to see it so starkly laid out, isn't it? How did your emotions fare through this? Were you surprised at the insights from psychology into the dynamics of how humans respond to the climate crisis? It's a new approach, isn't it, that I haven't really come across elsewhere. I liked it that she went beyond blaming capitalism or any "ism" -- and went right to the challenge of creating a regenerative economy. Do you think human beings are capable of that? What influences or structural changes in our society might be needed for people to gain that capacity? Please pick two of the Questions for Reflection and Discussion on Page 11 and share your answers here. Here is the brief video from

Join the Online Book Discussion Group for Facing The Climate Emergency by Margaret Klein Salamon

How it works:   This is a no-pressure book group! I know a lot of us are zoomed out. So this is something you do whenever it's convenient for you!  We'll be commenting back and forth and sharing our feelings, reactions and insights. I'll provide some additional materials as well.  I've broken the book up into sections.  Here is the schedule:  Friday July 10th -- We'll begin commenting on Pages xiii through 12. And share reflection Questions on page 11. Friday July 17th -- we'll comment on, and share our answers to reflection questions from pages 13-32. Friday July 24 -- Pages 33-56  Friday July 31 -- Pages 57-68 Friday August 7 -- Pages 69-113 Friday August 14 -- Final feelings, thoughts and how this journey into Climate psychology has affected you.  Here is information on how to get the book -- it is available in paperback physical copy, digital e-book, and e-audio. If you can't get it in time to start with us, just get the free first chapter and comment on

How the Spin Doctors are Selling us Death

The GOP-WallStreet-Business-Oil Baron - Lobby  forced the country to open before the three criteria for opening was met: 1. numbers decreasing steadily for two weeks 2. availability of widespread testing and tracking 3. availability of personal protective equipment. A logically foreseeable results occurred, a surge of cases and deaths. Now that deaths are occurring at higher and higher rates and every citizen in every locale will soon have personal experience of covid in themselves, their friends or family --  Here's what the "spin doctors" have concocted and are shoving at us ad nauseum:   A.) Mental health and financial health is "as important as" physically surviving and avoiding death.  B.) Responding effectively to the entire covid crisis "comes down to personal responsibility."  C.) People simply won't tolerate any more sequestering or closures.  D.) Democracy and Freedom are incompatible with the large scale coordination and cooperation ne

Are you wishing Mosquitoes were hit by "Insectageddon"?

If your evenings are made miserable by mosquitoes, you might wish for more insectageddon, not less! But let's take a closer look.  It's interesting to consider that a healthy wetland actually reduces mosquito numbers.  If you've seen an increase in mosquitoes, it's time to find out: has your locality been developing and "mitigating" your local wetlands?"  Mitigation as it is currently practiced does not replace, or create, a healthy wetland.  Sometimes the requirement for developers to "mitigate" is merely to put in some cement holding ponds for the excess stormwater runoff.  If you're living in a 1950's to 1970's era housing plat, then you are probably aware of the problems with aging and inadequate stormwater systems.  Problems result when the hydric soil of a true wetland is drained and "developed" by having houses and buildings put on it. What runs off the developed land often overflows the retaining ponds and